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fredag 22. august 2014

What would Samwise Gamgee eat?

I might have blogget about this before; but here is the thing; I am simply not eating enough real food. So I need to change my eating. But in a complicated landscape of old traps and restriction-patterns; finding the right mental cues to make a good change is difficult. How food can be so tightly tied to self hatered. shame and crazyness would be outright weird if it wasn't so common. 

Anyways; here is a new mental cue I am trying out. Eating is about selflove; about giving yourself permission to fuel your body. I need to find joy of food, and that is a Hobbit speciality. The six-meals-a-day is actually the original hobbit diet(it's true!) and it's so much described as a social thing. Hobbits love food. I want to love food. I won't bore you endlessly with the depth and width of my complicated relationship with eating; but it has been, and is a difficult one. So here is what I do;
What if Samwise, who cared for Frodo a great deal more than I think Frodo ever cared for himself; was my companion and chef? I can imagine his horrid expression at me even considering skipping dinner. Shocking! Let alone eating fastfood; because even though Hobbits love food; I think a lot of the modern foods we poison ourselves with wouldn't be considered actual food in the Shire. Hobbit food is all about wholesome food made with heart; mushrooms and meats, stews and cheese. I will for the sake of my tummy try to steer away from wheat and grain-heavy things; but when planning meals I will try to have Samwise on my mind. Would he consider this food? What choice would follow the Hobbit love of food here, instead of my old crappy habits? 

Well, time for supper. I'll have to raid the fridge and see if there is anything there Samwise would approve. Mushrooms maybe? 

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